How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy + FREE TEMPLATE

Let’s face it. These days, social media is unavoidable. Almost everyone uses it — my great aunt included (hi, Aunt Mae!) — but there’s a difference between using social media and using it well. And that difference is having a social media strategy.

I’ve spent nearly a decade learning the ins and outs of digital marketing. I’ve crafted social media strategies for small businesses, non profits, larger companies, authors, entrepreneurs, and more. And – while the platforms continue to change — some things have stayed the same.

1. You need to have a strategy.

A social media strategy is the difference between firing one hundred arrows blindfolded versus five arrows aiming straight at your target. Yes, your Instagram presence might be helping your business. Sure, the time you’re spending on Twitter could be beneficial. And, to some degree, I’m sure it is.

However, when it comes to business (or branding), your return-on-investment matters. What most people don’t realize? With social media, your biggest investment isn’t money.

It’s your time.

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My Top 5 Apps for Writers

As a creative individual (and as a human being), I’m constantly searching for ways to improve myself. I want to do more while being faster, smarter, and way more productive — all at the same time — which is why I love relying on apps for writers to help me along the way.

We all want to make shit happen, which is why it’s important to work smarter not just harder. Expanding on the traditional writers’ toolkit of pen + paper (or typing device of choice), a trusty thesaurus, and a whole lot of creativity, here are five of my favorite apps for writers and creatives.

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